Aleph Technologies SPRL/BVBA was incorporated in 2012 to bring to deliver Professional Services in Data Technologies, domain in which we have built a proven and continued experience of more than 18 years.

We have built a network of highly skilled and experienced IT specialists.

Aleph Technologies is always seeking for excellence and innovation, while maintaining a strong ethical framework around core values: Respect, Care, Pride and Passion.

Data Technologies

We cover 2 kind of technologies :

  • Relational database technologies
  • Big Data technologies

Consulting Services

Aleph Technologies provides consulting services for each of the technology domains convered :

Relational Database Technologies

  • Operational Management and Capacity Planning
  • Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Solution Architecture

Big Data Technologies

  • Solution Architecture

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Relational Database Technologies


  • Database Management (Oracle, Mysql, SQL Server)
  • Database Performance Tuning (Oracle, Mysql)
  • Database Security Audit (Oracle)
  • Cross-platform Database Migration (Oracle)
  • Cross-RDBMS Database Migration (Oracle)
  • Database Upgrade (Oracle)
  • Database Consolidation (Oracle)
  • Database Availability Audit (Oracle)
  • Database Development (Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle APEX)
  • Database Design (Logical & Physical)
  • Virtualization and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) technologies (Oracle VM, Oracle Solaris Zones, Oracle Cloud, Amazon AWS).
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Aleph Technologies provides training services upon request on the following areas :

  • Oracle Database Administration and Performance Tuning
  • High Availability (Oracle RAC, Oracle Solaris Clusters)
  • Virtualization (Oracle VM, Xen, KVM)

Big Data Technologies

We can help our customers in 2 specific areas :

  • Big Data deployments : Hadoop platforms and architecture definition. We help our customers in the setup of their Hadoop clusters.
  • Big Data Analytics : Solution prototyping and solution design. We help our customers in the development of Big Data solutions for their specific needs.

Aleph Technologies is trained in the main Hadoop platforms (Cloudera, Hortonworks & MapR) as well as in general Data Science practices.


Ālep is the reconstructed name of the first letter of the Proto-Canaanite alphabet, continued in descended Semitic alphabets as Phoenician Aleph , Syriac 'Ālap, Hebrew Aleph א, and Arabic ʾAlif.

Tau (uppercase Τ, lowercase τ; Greek: Ταυ [ˈtaf]) is the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet. In the system of Greek numerals it has a value of 300.

In set theory, the aleph numbers are a sequence of numbers used to represent the cardinality (or size) of infinite sets. They are named after the symbol used to denote them, the Hebrew letter aleph. The cardinality of the natural numbers is (read aleph-naught; also aleph-null or aleph-zero), the next larger cardinality is aleph-one , then and so on. Continuing in this manner, it is possible to define a cardinal number for every ordinal number α, as described below. The concept goes back to Georg Cantor, who defined the notion of cardinality and realized that infinite sets can have different cardinalities. The aleph numbers differ from the infinity (∞) commonly found in algebra and calculus. Alephs measure the sizes of sets; infinity, on the other hand, is commonly defined as an extreme limit of the real number line (applied to a function or sequence that "diverges to infinity" or "increases without bound"), or an extreme point of the extended real number line.


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I felt infinite wonder, infinite pity. Jorge Luis Borges - El Aleph